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New Hudson and Farmington, Michigan

Absolutely miraculous!  I never thought I would gain such mobility after my 1st session.  Been going to physical therapy for months with 1000's of dollars spent, and Wina made more of a difference in 2 hours.  Amazing!     -Kelly-

It was fabulous, very kind and helped very much.  Looking forward to next visit.    -Laurie-

Wina provides wonderful, quality bodywork.  I highly recommend her.   -Susan-

Wina's Therapeutic Thai Massage & Spa is a very nice place with a relaxing atmosphere. Wina is very professional, yet personable.    -Tom-

Very happy you have your own business!  Thank you for all your hard work!     -Terry-

I've had the fortune of Wina being my therapist for close to 2 yrs.  The professionalism and knowledge is hands down one of the best experiences...truly a surreal growth experience!     -Bill-

Reflexology was great.  Pressure was excellent.  Good hands.     -Lyn-  

Best massage you can get!  Makes my muscles melt!  I always leave here feeling relaxed and stress free.     -Rob-

After the massage, I felt calmer and relaxed.  The amount of pressure and stretching was just right.     -J.-

Well worth the visit.  I'll be back.     -Peter-

Very professional massage!     -Jeff-

I feel A-MAZING & relaxed.  Will come back.     -Dawn-

I felt great after my massage.  I have never had a better one in my life.     -Joe-

Thank you Wina.  I always enjoy my massages w/you.  I feel great.  I'll be back soon.     -Jaclyn-

I believe my massage therapy helped my work performance and physical well being.     -Charles Liu, Clinical Pharmacist-

Feel relaxed and tension-free.  Great service, highly recommend.     -Chad-

Thank you very much!  It was amazing - we will definitely be back!     -Charlene-

Wina provides a professional, calming experience.  Very clean & relaxing atmosphere.  Would highly recommend Wina to anyone looking to have a relaxing massage.     -Bob-

Wina's Massage & Spa is a calming and relaxing experience.  I would highly recommend for a massage.  Very clean.  Excellent.     -April-

Excellent experience.  Great attention to my specific needs.     -Joe-

My body feels back to normal.  I will definitely come back and will refer to lots of friends.     -Marie-

Wonderful!  Very good stretching.  You really improved my flexibility.smiley     -Chris-

So glad to have this facility available and near my home.  Wina is excellent at her craft.     -Janice-

Was really one of the best experiences I've ever had.  Wina really knew the muscles and how to get to the right muscle groups. I'll be coming back!     -Keith-

I enjoyed the massage very much.  Very professional.     -Mark-

Best massage I've ever had!  Wina was excellent!     -Vicki-

Wonderful!  I will recommend to my neighborhood website.     -Steph-

Very impressed.  By far one of the best therapeutic massages I've ever had!     -Kristina-

It was wonderful.  I can't wait to come back!     -Molly-

I feel good.  My back is relaxed.  I work out alot so this helped me out alot.     -RJ-

Amazing for me.  Got all my kinks out.  Will come again.  Loved it.     -Tiffany-

Will definately be back again!!     -Michael-

Excellent!  I can't say enough!!     -Linda-

The massage was incredible.  Wina was extremely knowledgeable.  I will be back often.     -James-

I love it.  Thank you!     -Evelyn-

I loved every second of my massage.smiley     -Roumialde-

Massage was excellent.  Feel very relaxed after.     -Mario-

Wina is great as always.  She diagnoses problem areas accurately and treats them professionally.  Great work!     -Tsen-

Massage was very good.  I will be back again and definitely send my friends.     -Marc-

Great massage.  I loved it!     -Joe-

By far the best massage I've ever had!     -Jennifer-

Awesome - I will be back. smiley      -Lynne- 

Loved my massage!!!     -Lynn-

Will come back!  Excellent, friendly services in office too!     -Roseann-

Fantastic massage!  I'll be back soon!     -Tom-

Was best massage I've had!  Thank you!     -Tiffany-

Loved the stretching, great pressure - best massage.     -Stephanie-

Very knowledgeable & excellent massage.     -John-

This was my first experience with Thai massage and I am already in love  Wina is so great, friendly and knowledgeable.  Looking forward to my next visit.     -Josefina-

The best massage I have ever had.  Will be back soon.     -Keith-

First time with a professional massage.  It was very relaxing & just what I needed.     -Aime-

Relaxing, wonderful, will be back!     -Stacy-

Wina and Courtney are very nice.  I enjoyed meeting them.     -Mike-

This was great.  Thanks.     -Kurt-

Everything was wonderful!  I enjoyed it so much.  Excellent "hands" and work on my body.  I enjoyed all the mix of methods too.  THANK YOU!!         -Nancy-

Very nicesmiley.  My massage was very good with pressure.     -Brianna-

It was wonderful, only thing it was too warm.     -Kristina-

Wina was awesome. Very deep, good stretching.  Felt wonderful after.  Very professional.     -Wayne-

Wina did a very thorough massage and will return.     -Philip-

Unique & different.  Finally a massage therapist who addressed my needs by working my necksmiley!!  Love the stretching!  Very helpful!     -Paula-

Absolutely wonderful!  I will be back! smiley     -Megan

Nothing short of amazing!     -Susie-

I loved my massage!     -Joe-

Awesome massage.     -Diane-

Loved the range of motion with limbs.  Also, liked the hot stones.  Overall - the best massage I have had.  Very impressed.  I will be back.  Thank you! smiley     -Jeannine-

Completely incredible!     -Troy-

Very relaxing.  Wina was very knowledgeable...could tell when areas needed extra attention!  Thank you!     -Denise-

Best ever.  Wonderful.  I'll be back.     -Tim-

Massage was great.  I loved the stretching.     -Frank-

Thank you!  The best massage I have ever had!smiley     -Pam-

Great massage!  Thank you!     -Pat-

Very good massage.  Will come back.     -Zachary-

Wina did an excellent job recognizing where I gad specific issues during my session.  I feel like I will have great relief after this session!     -Denise-

I'll be back for sure! Best ever. Better than Doc.     -Omar-

Wina was great, working with my problem areas, being gentle when needed, and firm as well.     -Tabitha-

Wina gave me the best massage I have ever had.     -Matt-

Definitely will return.  Massage was perfect and accomodated areas of discomfort.     -Jason-

Best massage I have ever had.  I feel great and will definitely come again.     -Lynne-

I loved my experience.  Great massage.  Very relaxing.  I definitely plan on coming back!     -Gabrielle-

Absolutely the best massage I have ever had.  Thank you Wina.     -Ranjit-

Very good for the very 1st time.  Will be back for more.     -Stephen-

Wina runs a very special & relaxing business for her clients.  Each therapist is very skilled and professional and is in touch with giving a great massage.  I highly recommend seeing Wina and her team ASAP!     -Steve-

Intense but worth some of the pain I experienced -much better after.     -Gene-

I love this!  I feel so flexible and relaxed.smiley     -Liz-

Fantastic, have had 200+ massages in my life.  Rated top 5on my first visit.  Thank you.     -Danny-

You guys are awesome.  Best massage I've ever had...Seriously!  I will definitely be recommending this place.     -Linda-

Thank you!  Found my new place!  Awesome experience!     -Megan-

First time I have had a Thai pressure massage-it was the best massage ever!  Will never have a "regular" massage again.     -Christina-

My therapist was funny and quickly adapted to my attitude and humor. I enjoyed every minute. Thanks again!     -Chaning-

Great massage! Like nothing I've ever had. Already feel better.     -Maria-

Oh my God!!  It was heaven!     -Laura-

Felt wonderful.  Thank you so, so much.     -Jenny-

Great massage.  Very satisfied.  Will be back soon!     -Heather-

I liked all, music was good.     -Wes-

Great!  Loved the stretches - I was really tight!  Will come back again.     -Melissa-

Feel really good. Cant't wait for next one.     -Rick-

Excellent technique and friendly.  Very good!  A+     -Dave-

Therapist was awesome, very informative, wonderful experience!     -Stepheni-

Very professional & relaxing.     -Ruth-

The best massage I have ever had.  Thank you!!     -Jeff-

Thank you!  We 100% will be back.  I feel amazing!     -Kelli-

Best massage I have ever had!!  Received great pain relief & relief from my shoulder pain.     -George-

The best massage ever!  Absolutely amazing!!     -Mary-

Absolutely spectacular!     -Alice-

Thank you for an awesome massage!     -Meredith-

5 Stars*****  Wina the owner was amazing and I had an awesome experience.     -Deborah- 

Amazing massage experience.  I've been practicing massage for over 28 years - Wina is one of the best!     -Randy-

Very knowledgeable and personable.  Great personality!     -James-

This was a wonderful massage.     -Claudia-

Wina is very knowledgeable!  The massage was incredible.  Very therapeutic & beneficial.  Loved it!     -Tina-

Wina is amazing!!     -Cristine-

I feel healed & taken care of by Wina! smiley     -Stephanie-

Excellent massage by Kim.  Will be booking future appointments. smiley     -Jeannette-

Great massage.     -Debbie-

I feel amazing!     -Sue-

Very good session.     -Lizbeth-

Excellent!!  Thank you!!     -Andy-

Feel great!!     -Ben-

Awesome!     -Brandee-

It was amazing.     -Steve-

The best!     -Jeremy-

Best massage I've ever had.  Ever.     -Uma-

Excellent results - Excellent massage therapy.     -Janine-

Very relaxing & worked on my sore spots.  Fit me in last minute!     -Mikala-

Jeti masters of massage.  I have gotten countless massages from around the world and nothing comes close to the expertise, strength and nurturing from these powerful treatments.     -Rick-

Best massage I've ever had.   Wina is intuitive, caring and strong and she knows exactly what helps me feel better.  A++     -Amy-

Excellent!     -Karen-

I fully enjoyed my massage & the stretches.  I feel much better now than when I came in!     -Heather-

I have recently moved to Michigan.  I have been getting massages for 7 years.  This was the best massage I have ever received.  I will definitely be coming back.     -Jane-

Very good massage.  Definitely coming back again.     -Gale-
























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